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Northfield Public Library Strategic Plan: 2022-2025

The Strategic Plan describes 6 major goals for the library and outlines the initiatives that help to achieve those goals.

Planning process

In Fall of 2021, the library set to work on updating our strategic plan to guide decision-making for another 3 years. With the pandemic not exactly in the rear view, some strategic priorities will remain the same, while our approach to the supporting initiatives may shift with the experience and perspective gained from the last 18 months. New challenges and opportunities has arisen as well, and with that, a need to innovate. With the help of the leadership team at Southeastern Libraries Cooperating (SELCO), library staff, library board, Friends and Foundation of the Library, and our community stakeholders, we are developing a plan that will be directly informed by the aspirations of the community.

The survey, available here until December, will provide us with a tremendous amount of information about how our community does, or does not, interact with the library, what needs are being met well or not being met, and what the community envisions for itself as we navigate, together, a path forward. 

In addition to surveys, and with the help of our nonprofit partners, we are conducting a series of community conversations to gather feedback from the community on the concerns and hopes they have. From those conversations, we look for trends and ways the library's resources could work to serve the community better.