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Public Art: Call for Submissions

This guide provides information connected with the City of Northfield's public art projects

Questions about the Roundabout art project

Questions from artists to City Arts and Culture liaison Teresa Jensen ( will be posted and answered in this spot.

1.  We are wondering if a high-level concept design sketch is required of every person who makes the initial submission, or if this only applies to the three finalists who are chosen, who then receive a $400 stipend to create the concept? For the initial submission, we would like either a written description of your proposal, and/or a sketch that gives us enough of an idea to intrigue the review committee. The more-fleshed out concept with the $400 stipend would be for the three finalists.

2.  We are interested in submitting but need to know what type of wall we are dealing with. We are wondering to make sure are you planning on doing the sketch that shows the 4 tunnels “Alternative #2”? Can you tell me how long this tunnels are and how high it is?

 The surface of the tunnels will be cast concrete. The exterior of the tunnels will be waterproofed to prevent water seepage on the interior of the tunnels, where the murals would be located. (This is listed under #6, "Artwork materials and requirements".) Under # 9 of the Call, "Artwork Project location" the dimensions of the tunnels are defined- -

"The site selected for this project is located at the intersection of two roads, Highway 246 and Jefferson Parkway. The four tunnels each measure 10 feet tall x 16 feet wide by x 90 feet in length. The artist may propose to work in some or all tunnels, depending on the artist’s vision, materials, and budget."

Yes, the Alternative number two which is posted on the website -- is the correct version-- all 4 crossings have underpasses.

3. I am interested in the call for art to accompany an underpass for highway 246/Jefferson Parkway.  Upon reading the literature, I see that you need some renderings of the proposed project.  I am wondering if I could get some drawings or blueprints of the underpass project so I can plan mine accordingly.  

Here is a link to the underpass drawings; it is also included in the box on this page entitled "Roundabout drawings". 

4.  Hi, At what point in construction would it be possible to install reveals in the actual casting of the underpass walls? For example, have the box sections already been fabricated?   I've worked  on numerous cast-in-place monumental signage using removable (or dissolvable) reveals to create relief cast concrete sculpture and I feel this could be a cost effective way to produce a significant range of sculpture in all four tunnels.and across retaining walls outside.

City Engineer Dave Bennett reports that the box sections are under fabrication now; unfortunately, the timing of the selection process and the project timeline does not work to install removable or dissolvable reveals.

5.   I am reaching out to express my interest in submitting a proposal for the Roundabout Art for the City of Northfield.   I saw the call for the muralist/tunnel project but am interested in the roundabout only. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of where I can find this Call for Art.

As stated in the Call for Submissions, our primary focus and favored location will be for the underpasses; however, we are open to other potential art locations. We did learn late last week that the state DOT would not allow for a solid structure to be placed in the center of the roundabout, for fear that drivers would hit it, so keep that in mind when thinking about an art location.

6.  I have a question on the proposal for the Roundabout Art. If I were to do the art/paintings on large masonite pieces for the original work, but then had my original art reproduced on larger scale onto a vinyl wrap for the actual displaying of permanent pieces, would this be something that could work, if I were chosen?

Our biggest concern would be that a wrap can't be touched up when it starts to degrade or is damaged by environmental or vandal events. The mural will be at person-height, and so be accessible to anyone to touch, or damage. The wrap would have to be replaced. I would encourage you to produce artwork that could be maintained in a somewhat hostile environment.

7.  I do have a question about the proposal. Do you have a sample of a winning proposal for other public art that has been funded in the past? I am wondering if the committee would like to have a more narrative approach to the proposal or if a more stream lined approach would be more appropriate.

This is only the second public art project in Northfield, and while I can’t share the winning proposal without the artist’s permission, I am happy to answer questions.

An illustration of the concept would be appropriate- not greatly detailed, but conveying the general feeling and tone. A written description of your ideas is most helpful.








Roundabout Location

The location of the roundabout is at the intersection of Highway 246 (Division Street) and Jefferson Parkway, near the Northfield Middle and High Schools

Roundabout drawings

This link includes a detailed drawing of the Roundabout underpasses: 

Supporting documents