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Northfield Poet Laureate: Northfield Poets

The Northfield Poet Laureate is sponsored by the City of Northfield and funded by the Northfield Public Library and the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council (SEMAC), in partnership with the Northfield Arts and Culture Commission.

A Partial List of Northfield Poets

Becky Boling

Heather Candels

Brent Christianson, author of Sky Beyond the Ceiling (2018)

Florence Dacey, author of Rock Worn by Water

Mary Moore Easter, Professor of Dance (Emerita) at Carleton College*

Toni Easterson

Andrea Een

†Graham Frear, author of Red Shoes and Other Poems for My Wife

Marie Gery

D.E. Green

Rob Hardy (Poet Laureate), author of Domestication: Collected Poems, 1996-2016 (2017)

Keith Harrison, Professor of English and writer-in-residence at Carleton College from 1968 to 1996*

Greg Hewett, Professor of English at Carleton College 

Susan Jaret McKinstry

Christine Kallman 

Scott King, publisher, Red Dragonfly Press

Diane LeBlanc, author of Sudden Geography (2014)

Jane McDonnell

Steve McCown

Riki Kölbl Nelson

Grace Fallow Norton (1876-1926)

Greg Randall

Joanna Rawson, author of Unrest

Clare Rossini, author of Winter Morning with Crow (1997), former professor at Carleton College*

Leslie Schultz, author of Still Life with Poppies: Elegies (2016)

Kaethe Schwehn, author of Tanka & Me (2015)

David Walters

Karen Herseth Wee

Reed Whittemore (1919-2012), former U.S. Poet Laureate, Professor of English at Carleton College from 1947 to 1966

Toni Wilkes

If you know of a poet who should be added to this list, or if you are yourself a poet who should be added, please let me know. An asterisk (*) next to a name indicates a poet who no longer lives in Northfield, but who spent a significant portion of his or her career here. 


Finding Guide: Northfield Poetry in the Northfield Public Library Collection


Call No.

Frear, Graham. Red Shoes, and Other Poems for My Wife (n.d.).

811.54 FR

Hardy, Rob. Domestication: Collected Poems 1996-2016 (2017).

811 HA

Harrison, Keith. Changes: New and Collected Poems 1962-2002 (2002).

811.8 HA

Harrison, Keith (ed.). Plain Songs: Stories and Poems by Carleton Writers (1990).

810.0 Pl

Northfield Women Poets. Absorb the Colors: Poems by Northfield Women Poets (1984)

811.008 Ab

Northfield Women Poets. Tremors, Vibrations, Enough to Rearrange the World (1995).

811.008 No

Northfield Women Poets. Penchant (2007).

811.008 PE

Rawson, Joanna. Quarry (1998).

811.54 RA

Rawson, Joanna. Unrest (2009).

811.54 RA

Schultz, Leslie. Still Life with Poppies: Elegies (2016).

811.08 SC

Schultz, Leslie. Cloud Song (2018).

811 SC


Northfield Public Library Catalog Search Results for Keywords "Minnesota Poetry"

Recent Books

 Brent Christianson, Sky Beyond the Ceiling (2018)

 Leslie Schultz, Cloud Song (2018)





Diane LeBlanc, This Space for Message (2017)



Rob Hardy, Domestication: Collected Poems, 1996-2016 Rob Hardy, Domestication: Collected Poems, 1996-2016 (2017)

 Rob Hardy, Aeschylus, The Oresteia: An Adaptation (2017)

Leslie Schultz: Still Life with Poppies: Elegies Leslie Schultz, Still Life with Poppies: Elegies (2016)

 Kaethe Schwehn, Tanka & Me (2015)