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DiscoveReads 2020 - A Winter Reading Program: Home

The Northfield Public Library presents DiscoveReads, a winter reading challenge designed for readers 16 and up.

DiscoveReads 2020 Basics:

  1. One person per card; cards cannot be shared.
  2. One challenge completed earns a stamp for that challenge
  3. The same book cannot be used for 2 challenges.
  4. Challenges must be completed in sequential order



  1. A healthy appreciation for all the library has to offer
  2. A Grand Prize basket containing goodies and gift cards from local Northfield Businesses

The Northfield Public Library presents DiscoveReads 2020 – A Winter Reading Program for Adults

We invite you to participate in the Northfield Public Libraries winter reading challenge. Our hope for this challenge is to push you beyond your normal reading habits and to help you explore new genres, formats, resources, and materials here at the library!

Starting on January 2nd 2020 you can swing by the library and big up a DiscoveReads Treasure Map. As you work through the sequential challenges on the map you will come in to the Library to have the box with a completed challenge stamped. Once you have completed challenge you will receive one entry in to a drawing to be held at the end of February. Find the treasure and receive 1 extra entry for the prize drawing.

If you have any questions about DiscoveReads, need suggestions for completing a challenge, or want to tell us about your experience stop by the Reference Desk upstairs!