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Northfield Public Library Strategic Plan: Informed Community

Informed Community

A community that understands what their library offers and shapes their library with feedback.

What we heard: There is so much information that it can be difficult to sort through it all to find what is of value. It is difficult to stay aware of activities, opportunities and other information that is important to the community. Many report being unaware of library resources and programs.

What we’re doing: Collecting stories and feedback, reporting data, and sharing our impact with the community. Lifting each other up and celebrating successes within the organization. Developing and implementing a marketing plan that gets the right information to the right places so that the community is aware of what they have. Using survey tools effectively. 

Initial initiatives:

  • Holistic marketing plan that includes the variety of channels where the community gets information

  • Redesigned website for navigability and user experience

How we will know it’s working: The community is aware of what the library offers. The community uses the library and its resources. The community engages in a dialogue with the library, shaping the library with feedback. The library is a trusted resource for information.