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Northfield Public Library Strategic Plan: Empowered Community

Empowered Community

A community that is equipped for a changing world.

What we heard: People need access to tools and the space to use them, as well as access to an expert staff to help navigate it all. People need to stay up to date on new technology for their personal and professional lives. People need coworking, meeting, and study space, as well as the freedom to learn new skills and try new things without spending a lot of money. People are concerned about the environment, climate change, lack of affordable housing, access to caregiver resources, and healthcare.

What we’re doing: Integrating new technology that is responsive to the changing needs of the community. Making sure that staff development is a top priority. Creating space for local entrepreneurs and remote workers to engage, work, and develop their skills. An empowered community is sustainable and resilient, practicing good stewardship of our resources so we are minimizing our environmental impact by recycling, reusing, and reducing our dependence on single use plastics.

Initial initiatives:

  • Wireless printing and laptop checkout

  • Implementation of LSTA grant-funded makerspace resources

  • Traveling Early Literacy Library (TELL) program

  • Drop-in tutoring for k-12 students

How we will know it’s working: The library is a trusted resource for access to technology. The community uses library spaces and technology for their work and educational needs. The community has access to the emerging and essential technologies they need, when they need it and where they need it. The community is empowered to learn new skills.