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Northfield Public Library Strategic Plan: Connected Community

Connected Community

A community with access to needed resources for all.

What we heard: Many in our community experience different barriers to accessing the library, including hours of operation, location, difficulty returning books, fines, and parking. Access to important services and resources is often limited by where people live, limited access to transportation, or by a lack of free time.

What we’re doing: Expanding outreach efforts in cooperation with community partners. Making it more convenient to return books. Increasing Bookmobile service and eliminating overdue fines. Continuing to develop our online library to meet the growing demand for virtual content. Building in appropriate full time staff positions to support sustainable, equitable outreach and community based services.

Initial initiatives:

  • Eliminating overdue fines for all users, on all materials

  • Increasing the availability of high demand electronic collections

  • Expanding access to library services through targeted outreach to underserved communities

  • Home delivery and off-site access to book returns

  • Increasing full-time staff 

How we will know it’s working: 

Patrons find it easier to use the library and more people use it more often. Patrons find it easier to return and renew books, resulting in fewer lost notices mailed and fewer library cards become inactive. Patrons report finding what they need at the library. Staff are equipped to provide the highest level of service to the community.