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Northfield Public Library Strategic Plan: Included Community

Included Community

A community in which every person is seen, heard and engaged.

What we heard: The community is looking for more opportunities to come together and interact with people of different backgrounds. Polarization is a major concern to the community and many report feeling left out of the conversation. Representation matters. The community desires a place where all people feel valued and seen. 

What we’re doing: We are creating meaningful opportunities for people of all backgrounds to gather, learn from one another, and share experiences. We are celebrating the stories of all in our community. We are developing a diverse slate of inclusive programs to engage and enrich all ages throughout the year. We are committed to hiring bilingual staff because to really listen we need to understand the words being used. Accessibility is a priority in everything we do. 

Initial initiatives:

  • Continuing focus on hosting inclusive festivals such as our Pride and Hispanic Heritage Celebrations

  • Providing Spanish language programs, resources and communications

  • Hosting Community Conversations 

  • Improving diversity of the library’s art collection 

How we will know it’s working: Northfielders of all ages report feeling connected and engaged in their community. The community sees its diversity reflected in the library's services, programs, staff, and collections. The community finds occasion to interact in mixed groups, strengthening bonds across ideological, economic and cultural groups. The community values diverse perspectives.