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Northfield Public Library Strategic Plan: Invited Community

Invited Community

A community that feels at home in their library.

What we heard: Not everyone feels at home in the library. For some it is a matter of feeling left out of what they see, or don’t see, on display in the library, for others it is a desire to find a more comfortable chair and cup of coffee. Many expressed a desire for more cozy, tucked away spaces, others indicated a strong preference for spaces of active learning, working, or interaction. Some indicated that they do not find what is relevant to their interests in the collection.

What we’re doing: We’re taking a look at how our spaces are used and making adjustments to improve the visitor experience. We’re identifying and correcting gaps in the collection, and we’re working to keep it current, relevant, and appealing. We’re improving the look and feel of our indoor and outdoor spaces, lighting and furnishings, while being mindful of the need to balance the historic value and traditional uses of the library with the needs of the 21st century community. 

Initial initiatives:

  • Refreshing our physical collections throughout the library

  • Opening a new teen space, created by teens, for teens

  • Hosting First Friday Coffee & Conversation, and a vinyl listening station

How we will know it’s working: The community reports feeling welcome and comfortable in the library. The community finds materials that are relevant to their interests and they return to the library again and again. The library is a desirable space for all of Northfield in which to spend time. The community identifies with the library, inside and out. The community sees its diversity reflected in what we provide.