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Northfield Public Library Strategic Plan: 2019-2021

The Strategic Plan describes 6 major goals for the library and outlines the initiatives that help to achieve those goals.

Strategic Plan Summary











Expanded Outreach services

# of Outreach events

# of population served

Increase pop served by 5% by 2020

­Bookmobile Services plan

Senior Care Facilities outreach plan

Day Care Facilities plan

Collaborate with orgs targeting Latino pop.

Targeted in-house programming

Program statistics

Increase attendance by 5% by 2020

Bilingual program plan

Create bilingual staff position

Increase Teen programming

Targeted collection

Collection statistics

Increase targeted collection use by 5% by 2020

Bookmobile collection plan

E.L. collection plan

Bilingual collection plan

Teen collection focus

City ID program is implemented

# of residents applying for ID cards

2% of Northfield population obtains cards in first year

Municipal ID



Targeted E.L. Programming

# of targeted programs

# of attendees

Increase # of targeted programs by 20% by 2020

Bookmobile services for EL programming plan

Parent education programs increase

# of parent education programs

# of attendees

Increase # of parent education programs by 50%

Develop sustainable parent education plan supported by staffing and $

Improved E. L focused collection & environment

% of collection focused on E.L.

Opportunities for EL environment in library

Increase and replace # of volumes

Create EL environment

Update Children’s collection plan for EL

Develop well-thought-out EL visuals for children’s area



Improved community awareness of library services

Community feedback, survey, statistics

Increase use of library services 5% by 2020


Develop public awareness strategies plan

Develop plan for Library Board participation in Outreach events




Early adopter technology

Availability of new hardware and software

One new innovative technology service per year for three years

Create technology plan

IT-knowledgeable hiring strategies

User-friendly website and library platforms

User statistics

User survey & feedback

Increase user stats by 10% by 2020

Increase user satisfaction by 10% by 2020

Long-range Web/library strategies

Continued LibGuide development






Maintain existing partnerships, develop new partnerships



# of Partnerships maintained

# of new partners identified

Increase collaboration with existing partners by 5% by 2020; increase new partnerships by 2 per year for 3 years

Increase staff capacity for partnerships

Outreach Services develops Outreach partnerships




Proactive Staff training

# of staff training opportunities

Increase # of staff training opportunities by 10% by 2020


Develop staff training plan, including:

Did you know—in-house staff training

Webinar opportunities

Library Conferences

Internal city training

Increase staff capacity with sustainable hiring strategies

# of new Library staff hired with multiple skillsets

Staff hired for future-proofing

Develop staff hiring strategies with HR input


Maintain library properties

Care and repair of building, Bookmobile, BookBike and library grounds

Properties are maintained on an ongoing basis

Develop checklist of facilities/maintenance needs


Improve library collections

Collection statistics

User input use/stats

Maintain/increase collection use

Collection budget increase by 2% each year for 3 years

Evaluate collection budget distribution, including ebooks

Monitor collection use stats

Collection development policies updated

Purchase patron collection requests

 Overall collection size maintained

Library Director

Profile Photo
Natalie Draper
210 Washington Street
Northfield, MN 55057