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Gentle reads are books that have an old-fashioned feel to them and leave the reader with positive feelings.

Characteristics of Gentle Reads

1.  Tone is the key in these unpretentious, upbeat, evocative stories that touch the heart.  They are "old fashioned" stories that reflect traditional, rather than modern values.

2.  Lanuage may be colorful, homespun, or even sophisticated, but the style is generally not complex.  The books generally contain no profanity.

3.  Characters are comfortable companions, who may also add humor that lightens these books.

4.  Story lines emphasize relationships among characters, rather than suspense or controversial social issues.  Genial humor often underlines these stories, and there is no explicit sex or violence.

5.  Settings may be historical or contemporary and are usually in a small town, enclosed community, or rural areas.  Domestic pleasures often frame these novels.

6.  Gentle pacing creates a leisurely story filled with affable characters and no unsettling surprises. 

What Are Gentle Reads?

Gentle reads are "feel good" books.  They are frequently filled with colorful characters.  The stories are charming.  They generally contain no profanity and no explicit sex or violence.  These stories are charming.  They generally contain no profanity and no explicit sex or violence.  the stories reflect conventional values and end happily.  The stories are evocative, whether they are contemporary or historical settings.

Gentle Reads Writers

Gilbert Morris                    Barbara Michaels

Richard Bach                      Phyllis Whitney

George MacDonald          Peter Mayle

Richard Paul Evans           Brock and Bodie Thoene

Robin Lee Hatcher            Debbie Macomber

Clyde Edgerton                 Sharon Owens

Paul Gallico                        Rosamunde Pilcher

Garrison Keillor                 Jeanne Ray

Angela Thirkell                  Rhys Bowen

Adriana Trigiani                 Katie Fjorde

Joseph Girzone                  Barbara Metzger

Phillip Gulley                      Francis Ray

Jan Karon                            Victoria Holt

Kaye Gibbons                     Mary Stewart

Eudora Welty                     Molly Gloss

Alexander McCall Smith   Jeanne Williams

Debbie Macomber            Sara Addison Allen

Robin Pilcher                     Maeve Binchy

Nicholas Sparks                 Neta Jackson

Joan Medicott


This list represents many gentle reads authors, but there are more.  Let me know others that you have read.

Subject Guide

What We Know About Gentle Reads Fans

A variety of people read gentle reads.

The readers want heartwarming stories, portraying

smaller, often domestic pleasures.

Readers are usually looking for a smaller cast of characters

and a narrower focus.

Readers are passionate about the books they read and like to

share the books with others.