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Northfield Public Library: Art Collection: Art around Northfield

Northfield's Arts & Culture Commission

The Arts and Culture Commission has initiated a number of special projects, including sidewalk poetry, a high school sculpture project, a living treasures award and a study on the economic impact of the arts in Northfield.       
        Art for City Hall Project - The City of Northfield and its Arts and Culture Commission are soliciting artists interested in having their artwork displayed at City Hall. Artwork may be for sale or on loan; application deadline is May 15, 2014
    Application & Membership Requirements
Members are appointed by the mayor with the approval of the City Council. Members, based on their willingness to serve and background, are appointed from various sectors of the community, including arts and cultural organizations, Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges, local schools, business community, independent artists, and the community at large.

    Applications for commission membership are available for download or at: City Hall or the Public Library.


Public Art in Northfield compiled by Art.Org

Public Art in Northfield, Minnesota

This photo collection builds on an important inventory done by Raymond L. Jacobson and Marybeth Fredrick in April of 2005.  Please send us a note with additions or corrections to the set. If you would like to see these artworks on interactive map, please click here.  All photos copyright ArtOrg.

Above photo by Penny Hillemann.

The High School Sculpture at the Library Corner

High School Sculpture Project

In 2012 the Northfield Public School District and the Arts and Culture Commission received an Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund grant through the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council (SEMAC) for a high school sculpture project. In May 2012 a sculpture entitled "The Tree of Knowledge and Delight" was installed at the corner of Division and Third Streets - the Library Corner. The mentor for the project was Mac Gimse; Arts and Culture Commissioner Christie Clarke applied for the grant and supervised the project.

TREE OF KNOWLEDGE AND DELIGHT The sculpture was created by 10 Northfield High School art students:  Jane Carlson 2013, Helen Forsythe 2014, Maddie Guyott 2014, Seth Hanson 2013, Justin Malecha 2013, Mathilde Mortensen 2012, Dana O'Donnell 2012, Kris Swanson 2014, Avery Swearer 2014 and Zoe Webb 2013.
Tree of Knowledge and Delight is designed by students with living plants below to make it organic in nature.  There are eight branches, each completed by one or two students with themes related to learning and individual artistic expressions.  Look for a person reading a book, a depiction of two worlds, color harmonies, faces and a snake, a dragon, shimmering hues, abstract expressionist painting, and a spiral of life.  Bamboo poles fly flags designed by the students, to give you motion and direction of the wind.
Read the full description of the sculpture project.

Tree with Library in background

Octopus Garden 2014

Art Galleries & Shops in Northfield

The Northfield Arts Guild Gallery     304 Division St. The Arts Guild's exhibition gallery is located on the main floor  of the Center for the Arts, located in the historical downtown of Northfield. The retail store features many local artists. All exhibits are free and open to the public.  Northfield  Arts Guild Exhibitions

Flaten Art Museum               St. Olaf College, Dittmann Center               Flaten Art Museum hosts exhibits of regional, national,  and international significance. The extensive permanent collection includes  traditional and contemporary textiles, paintings, sculpture, ceramics, and  works on paper from various regions of the United States and Western Europe,  particularly Norway and Eastern Europe. St. Olaf Art Exhibitions

Carleton College Gallery               Carleton College,  Music and Drama Center               At approximately 1500 objects, the Carleton College  art collection comprises about 700 prints, nearly 650 contemporary photographs,  and paintings, sculptures and other artifacts of intrinsic beauty and technical  interest. Through public exhibitions in the Art Gallery  and the Gould Library, Carleton's art can be seen and studied. Carleton College Events

ArtOrg               2100 Division St. S., Suite 140               ArtOrg was founded by a group of visual artists desiring to  create more opportunities and greater visibility for the visual arts in Northfield and the  surrounding area. Demonstrations, discussions and shows are ongoing. ArtOrg

ArtOnWater    217  South Water Street               ArtOnWater...a unique, downtown fine art gallery on the footbridge/riverwalk in  historic Northfield...begun in 2003 as an exhibition space for artists seeking  short-term gallery space for their own works. After 22 shows, 50+ artists, and  almost 3000 patron visits, the gallery was transformed in late 2007 as a  full-service retail fine art gallery but still focusing on month-long solo or  small group art exhibits.  

Studio Elements   16 Bridge Square      The Studio Elements retail store is a creative combination of fine art, handmade cards, unique gifts, antiques, jewelry, books, journals and more.    Studio Elements 

Northfield Historical Society Museum    408 Division Street     On September 4th the gang rode into Mankato to rob the 1st National Bank of Mankato (the gang’s first choice). However, the gang decided to abort the robbery and head for their second choice, Northfield. Little did the gang know that this decision would end all of their careers of outlaws and result in three of the gang members being killed and two townspeople also being killed.

More than just the bank robbery attempt there are rotating exhibits  focusing on Northfield history.  NHS

The Sketchy Artisit  300 Division St.     An art supply and gift boutique located in lovely downtown.  Owned and opperated by an artist, this quirky, fusion-concept shop is a delightful find to those who venture in. There’s inspiration all around us in everyday life; our mission is to find what inspires, set it on a shelf and hope that a spark ignites. Sketchy Artisit

Swag Fine and Funky Art  423 Division St.        Looking for the perfect gift? Something you won’t find everywhere…
swag – fine & funky art is the place for you!

The Trinket Factory and Eclectic Goat   200 Division St.   Beading and crafting headquarters with fun and interesing local art thrown in for fun!

Makeshift Accessories   418 Division St. Where every piece of jewelry is handmade with 100% salvaged and up-cycled materials. That’s right, every piece of it. Makeshift Accessories

Subject Guide

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Links to St. Olaf and Carleton's Art Collections

Sculputre by Dorothy Divers at St. Olaf.