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Bookzee 2021 - A Winter Reading Program: Home

The Northfield Public Library presents Bookzee, a winter reading challenge designed for readers 16 and up.

Bookzee 2021 Basics:

1. Every patron age 16+ is given 1 card to complete for the
months of January and February.

2. February objectives may not be completed in January.
Points will only be recorded in the month they are submitted.

3. Bring card upstairs to share what you’ve read and for
 staff to record points on card.

4. Materials must be checked out from
Northfield Public Library or other SELCO libraries.

5. To earn points: see “How to Score”  on reverse. For example, to earn points in the row for “Aces” you must read a book with a one word title, like Dune. Note: “The” counts as a word. So, The Silmarillion could count for your “Twos” book but not your “Aces” book.

6. Titles cannot be reused for multiple objectives. For
example, you can not read
Dune for your “One Word Title”
book and have it count as the Sci-Fi book in your
pursuit of the “Yahtzee” objective.

7. Tell library staff about the book you read and ask them for recommendations :)




There will be multiple ways to earn prizes this year! Prizes will be given to the person who has the highest total score for the month of January and the month of February.
A prize will also be given to the person with the second highest score for the month. Also, for every objective completed you will receive a piece of chocolate and be entered into a drawing for a prize. Prize winners will be announced on the 2nd of February for the January round and the 2nd of March for the February round.

The Northfield Public Library presents BOOKZEE - A Winter Reading Challenge for ages 16 and up!

We invite you to participate in the Northfield Public Libraries 2021 Winter Reading Challenge: Bookzee!

Starting on January 2nd, 2021 you can swing by the library and pick up a Bookzee playing card. If you have ever played a game of Yahtzee the card should look familiar to you. Complete the objectives in any order you please and once you have completed an objective bring your card into the library for scoring.

You will not be filling in the points yourself. Once you have completed an objective bring your card to the reference desk for your points to be recorded by a staff member. Staff can record scores for more than one objective at a time but, per the rules, you can not use the same book to complete two different objectives. 

Do you have what it takes to go for a Bookzee!?