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Northfield Public Library: Art Collection: Home


Photo Portrait of William W. Pye. Our Pye Meeting Room is named for him and a Northfield attorney and bank president (1870-1965)

Fiber Arts

"Discovery” by Barbara Sykes, 1977.  Weaving. Purchased by library.

 “Over the Back Fence” by Barbara Sykes, 1986. Tapestry with surface design. In Memory of Louise Coffey Wright.


Library Artwork and Collections

Some of the paintings close up!

“Northfield Public Library” by David F. Allen (American), 2006. Watercolor. Purchased by the library. This artwork was used on our library cards from 2005 to 2016.

“Lake Superior, Minnesota Point, Duluth” by Mildred S. DeMann (American), 1979. Watercolor. Purchase by library.


“Prairie Weather” by Deborah Brown (American), 1985. Oil on Canvas. Gift of Carleton College


“Jubilate” by John Maakestad (American). Acrylic on Canvas. Gift of St. Olaf College.

This artwork has been adapted for our library cards, book bags and graphics for our publications starting in May of 2016.




Historical Homes in Northfield

Brochure featuring the east side of Northfield around Central Park.


Other medias


 Ceramic bowl by Charles Halling 

Three of the Four Bronze; “Spring”, “Summer” and “Winter” by Paul Houston, Commissioned 1973.


The 4 Seasons in Bronze by Paul Houston, Commissioned 1973.

"Sybil" by Jennifer Bonner, 1987 Stone lithograph