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Vision Statement
Northfield Public Library Outreach Program will bring outstanding library services to all corners of the community.
Mission Statement
Northfield Public Library Outreach Program provides information and resources to enrich lives and strengthen our community through innovative services beyond our walls. 
For information about having the Bookmobile or Bookbike make an appearance at your event contact:
Laurie Kodet



In order for library services to expand beyond the small footprint of the building, library staff has renewed their commitment to providing the Northfield community with library collections, programming and expert reference assistance through Outreach Services via the library bookmobile, in support of its mission statement:

The Northfield Library strengthens community, supports literacy, provides access to information, and fosters lifelong learning and enrichment.

Providing library service beyond the Library walls has been an objective of NPL since the 1950’s, when regular Outreach to city residents began, bringing library services to populations unable to visit the library on a regular basis.  Populations targeted in our latest initiative include:

  • Northfield senior citizens residing in local senior care facilities

  • Pre-school and younger children in day-care facilities

  • Elementary and middle-school-age children in Northfield area schools

In addition, the library bookmobile promotes on-site library services by representing the City and Library at community events in Northfield.


R.I.P. Booker

After years of faithful service we look back fondly

Book Bike

The Northfield Public Library and community partners worked together to produce the BookBike. After about 18 months of planning, designing and collaborative building, the bike and its trailer are now roaming the streets of Northfield.

“The BookBike is a nice intersect of three interest groups — the library community, the biking community, and the early literacy community.” 

- Northfield Library Director Teresa Jensen

Out and About

Outreach Coordinator Angelica Linder greets a prospective patron from inside the Bookmobile

Outreach Coordinator Angelica Linder swings by the Adult ESL Class at Dakota Prairie

Children's Librarian Emily Lloyd amuses a crowd with the Bookmobile at Healthy Kids Day

Outreach Coordinator Angelica Linder cheeses with attendees at the ESL Family Class

Outreach Coordinator Angelica Linder pedals the Bookbike to Bike to School Day at Greenvale

Children's Librarian Emily Lloyd reads to kids at Sibley

Outreach Coordinator Angelica Linder stops by the Church of St. Dominic after Mass