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Staff Book Recommendations: Home


Image result for the tea bird of hummingbird lane

by Lisa See

"An unforgettable portrait of a little-known Chinese region that lives around farming tea season. Against the backdrop of a culture steeped in strict traditions, a mother and the daughter who has been adopted by an American family, search for and find answers in the tea that has shaped their family’s destiny for generations."



Image result for tropical nature

by Adrian Forsyth and Ken Miyata

"Having an ongoing interest in extreme environments, bugs, reptiles, amphibians and botanical oddities I recently read Tropical Nature by Adiran Forsythe and Ken Miyata. Written in 1984 by two young Harvard PhD graduates in biology, this book explores the evolution and tightly woven biological co-dependency of life in the Amazon. From epiphytes to dung beetles, and to maggots and the three-toed sloth, this book is a romp and a treasure for the armchair naturalist interested in the life-force of the Amazon."



Image result for the princess diarist book

by Carrie Fisher

"Carrie Fisher brings us back to 1977, to a galaxy far far away, during the filming of the first Star Wars movie. We are transferred back in time through the journals she kept while she brought Princess Leia to life. We meet a young girl who is trying to make sense of her new role on screen as she navigates a set dominated by men. Fisher provides a humorous look into the celebrity Princess Leia made her to be in real life, and one that will not soon be forgotten."


Image result for the bear and the nightingale book

by Katherine Arden

"Every time I display this book, it's checked out before the end of my shift! In medieval Russia the world is changing and fairy tale creatures are disappearing. Vasilisa strives to preserve old traditions and save her northern village from the evils creeping in."


Image result for moonwalking with einstein

by Joshua Foer

"'Moonwalking With Einstein' by Joshua Foer explores human memory capabilities intertwined with his personal journey of discovery. We are all capable of extreme memories according to Mr. Foer. That is if I remember the book correctly."





Image result for a mighty long way

by Carlotta Walls Lanier

"This memoir's author was the youngest of the Little Rock Nine—a freshman—and one of two to endure the abuse they faced long enough to graduate. I was blown away by how much I didn't know about their experience—for example, that they couldn't participate in any extracurriculars. Highly recommended for both adults and teens."


Image result for in a dark dark wood

by Ruth Ware

"The story is set a glass-house situated deep in a secluded woods, where a group of women gather to celebrate the upcoming marriage of a classmate. Old truths and well-kept secrets are brought to light and the group faces danger and an intricate web of lies. The story has unexpected twists and turns and kept me wanting more."